TPE331 & PT6 Engine Training

We provide customized training courses to better equip operators.

We offer a variety of training courses to help you and your team become more proficient with your TPE331 and PT6 engines and aircraft. From our FAM course and line maintenance courses, to on-the-job training in whatever particular area you would like to focus on, we have a training class to fit your needs. You can visit our facility in Hermitage, TN or we can bring the training to you and your personnel for your aircraft and engines.  Being more familiar will help aid us with over-the-phone troubleshooting when the situation presents itself. We are committed to helping you become a more proficient operator, which will naturally help extend the longevity of your engine and aircraft. 

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Brief training syllabus that can help a pilot or mechanic receive a good introduction to the TPE 331 Turboprop systems and operation. This course can be custom tailored to fit the operator’s particular needs. 

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Field-Level Engine
Maintenance Course

Tailored to the line mechanic or  pilot that has a good mechanical knowledge. This course can be customized to fit the operator’s needs and or requests. 

on the job training

Training Course

Offered to the operator that needs special attention in a particular area that they have requested. 


Training Course

Gives special attention to the line mechanic or pilot that requests additional training in a certain area of the Field Level Maintenance course that they have previously taken.